Should it matter or not?

This article was written by one of the Moorhead Dojo students, Paul Dyer. Paul has been with our dojo since 2007, and Paul recently acquired a 2kyu in AUSKF iaido. He has a broad background in several martial arts. Paul is the founder of the Fargo All Martial Arts Seminar and Cancer Benefit.

Should It Matter or Not

The statement of nature vs. nurture is a question of questionable debates. The mind, the soul, the universal particles, the whole who and what we are. One day we shall get into that but for now the first question is, should it matter or not? It is a thought I must ask you as I have asked myself countless times in my own personal journey as a martial artist and as a human being. When you first entered the dojo as a young student, I shall say young student because it does not matter what age we start, we are all that young student entering a world of unknown.  Many thoughts enter our young minds.  I can say what I now know, the thoughts were wrong from the start until I was set straight by my Sensei/Sifu.

The question still rings high to this day, what does it matter?  What type of house hold you grew up in, does it matter? What type of environment you were raised around or should it matter how much economic wealth you may or may not have, or what skin color, or religion you practice.  Did it matter as you entered the dojo?  As a young student when you first started in the 60’s or 70’s, all the schools open in the cities were of Asian decent. Without getting into the climate of the United States and around the world, all I can say is that it was a hostile time for Asian decent /Americans in the United States. The schools that you can go into now are of many diverse climates and that is a just change but the question still remains, does it or should it matter?

Another question, what was the purpose of you embarking on the dojo’s door step? And should it matter or not? From your first day to your second day, and until the time of now, you have to ask yourself the question should it matter what I am? Well I have to say it does matter and it did matter at one time. It mattered then and only then, but when does it stop? Only when you realize the reason it matters no longer exist in your life. As I was told once by one of my seniors “what drives you to be the best is not what is going to get you there”. At the time I had no idea what that meant. Frankly I don’t think I could have cared less. So I remind you should it matter or not? After countless hours of being bruised mentally and physically it all breaks down. All the education that has been given to you finally strikes you like a large clap of thunder in a world of silenced mind. The act of enlightenment starts from that day on, and then when you find yourself in a dojo, it is not just a room of mats and funny writing on the wall with many sayings. You are for the first time not just in a school but a home.

It is not often or at all that we find this awakening in our lives. At this time you can now ask questions and be inquisitive to all actions and start to become part of a history, a life of a destination of endless travel. You were once lost but now found yourself on a journey of peace and comfort with a strong mind and body and now that you are open you begin to understand it never really mattered at all. Now as we grow, we never leave the dojo, the home, even though we might leave the room we never leave the dojo for it is who we are and the path of where it was going all along, and we are now part of the past and the future.

Paul Dyer
Dakota Dragon Defense

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